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Title: The Guardian Warrioress


Immerse yourself in the striking and powerful presence of "The Guardian Warrioress." This captivating artwork showcases a fierce and enigmatic female warrior, embodying strength, resilience, and elegance. The piece features a harmonious blend of classical and contemporary styles, with intricate details that highlight the artist's exceptional skill and creativity. The dynamic composition draw the viewer into a world where beauty and power coexist. Ideal for art enthusiasts who appreciate themes of empowerment and the warrior spirit, this artwork makes a bold statement in any space.



  • Digital print on Hahnemühle archival paper
  • Dimensions: 11"x14"
  • Edition: Limited edition print (100)
  • Signature: Yes
  • Frame: No
  • List Price $800


Storybook Art

SKU: 364215376135191
  • ArtTodayTV's portfolios are a collaboration of master artist Lon Levin, BFA and healthtech art guru Gregg Masters, MPH.

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